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With Inodorina hygiene is a cuddle

When your pet is free to wander around the house and in nature, but you’re free to cuddle it anytime, a deep and lasting bond is created.

That’s why we focused on products that turn hygiene time into cuddling time , with fast and lasting results.

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Our number one priority is your pet’s care.

Inodorina is constantly dedicated to finding the best solutions for all those that know how special it is to live with pets, researching products dedicated to the pet’s care, its well-being and to the deep cleaning of domestic spaces.

A complete range of products

A complete range of products

Effective and persistent hygiene in a simple gesture

Salviette detergenti occhi e orecchie

Con camomilla



Shampo Rituals per Cani con manto corto

Con estratto di calendula e proteine vegetali del grano


Kit Snack Bocconcini e Stick

Assortimento mix 12 pezzi (6+6 in regalo)

Original price was: 36,00 €.Current price is: 18,00 €.

Twist Fresh Dual Dental + Dental Bites in omaggio – Taglia S

Assortimento mix 12 pezzi (9+3 in regalo)

Original price was: 36,00 €.Current price is: 27,00 €.

Shampoo Mousse profumo Talco

Per una pulizia senza acqua


Bocconcini al Gusto Manzo

Cubetti di manzo essiccato


Why Inodorina

Why Inodorina

Your Pet Care Professionals

Respect for pets

The respect we have for your pets led us to create a line of products with specific formulas based on essential oils and fragrances tailored to the animal characteristics, skin’s pH and their extraordinary olfactory sensitivity.

Constant research

Our constant research allows us to enrich our catalog with new products, from bio to the greenest product. We want to be at the forefront in offering innovative products.

Interest in shared domestic spaces

Our pet’s care shouldn’t neglect (mean neglecting) our shared space, thus we focused on a specific line of products that helps you take care of fur around the house and on clothes, out of place pee, refreshment of dog’s bed, and of all the things that can make your domestic share space pleasant and peaceful.

Special Inodorina Formula

Inodorina offers products with immediate effectiveness and lasting result. Our special formula first removes dirt and then releases a long lasting fragrance turning hygiene time into cuddling time

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A love story for pets

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